Neolithic or Bronze Age Ring Ditch

Description of this historic site

A ring ditch with a possible central pit, dating between the Neolithic and the Bronze Age, is visible as a cropmark on aerial photography. The site is located 500m east of the church, Charlecote.

Notes about this historic site

3 A ring ditch with a possible central pit shows on aerial photographs.
4 Ring ditch and cursus on gravel terrace of north of the River Dene, close to confluence with river Avon. Buried remains visible as crop marks. A sub-circular cropmark representing a ring ditch, lying on the line of the western cursus ditch, is thought to indicate the remains of a bowl-barrow. The cropmak, measuring 20m in diameter, represents the ditch that enclosed the former mound which is no longer evident. Located centrally within the circular ditch is a roughly circular crop mark, about 8m in width, believed to represent the remains of a burial pit over which the mound would have been raised.
Flint implements, chiefly from the Neolithic to Early Bronze Age have been found in the area, with a concentration of artefacts noted in the vicinity of the cursus and barrow.

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