Napton Windmill

Description of this historic site

Napton Windmill. A windmill was originally built on this location during the Post Medieval period. The current windmill dates to the Imperial period. It was later converted to a steam mill. It is situated on Napton Hill.

Notes about this historic site

1 The hill is crowned by a windmill, whose predecessor can be traced as far back as 1543. There are frequent later references.
2 A four storeyed, once tarred, brick tower on a stone foundation with basement below ground level. It stands some 152m above OD on the edge of a great clay quarry, and has since its construction in the late 19th century been a prominent landmark. It has suffered a great deal from neglect, wind and weather. 1972: a superficial restoration of windows, doors, cap and new sails. 1976: a great storm snapped off two of its sweeps. Derelict but in fair condition. On small mound. First half 19th century. Originally had 2 common and 2 spring sails and 3 prs of stones. Ceased working by sail c1900 and by steam c1909.
3 The mill has now been converted into a house.
4 Much altered late 20th century, is not of special architectural interest.
5 A letter from 1965 concerned with saving the windmill.
6 Drawing of the windmill from 1974.

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