Mesolithic/Bronze Age Flint Scatter

Description of this historic site

A flint scatter, comprising 151 flint artefacts of Mesolithic/ Bronze Age date, was found 500m south east of Old Milverton.

Notes about this historic site

1 1987. Fieldwork by T McKay and G Crawford resulted in the discovery of a flint scatter at the above grid reference. 151 struck and worked flint flakes were collected of which 131 (87%) are unretouched flakes or production waste. The remaining 30 pieces are all worked and include a complete barbed and tanged arrowhead (PRN 5084), 2 discoidal knifes, a blade core and 2 microliths (PRN 6045).
3 Finds described.
4 Dating revised to Mesolithic/Bronze Age, where it was formerly Neo/BA.

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