Mesolithic - Bronze Age flint scatter

Description of this historic site

Numerous flint implements dating to between the Mesolithic and the Bronze Age. The flint scatter was found in the field which now forms the north roundabout of the Warwick bypass.

Notes about this historic site

1 Numerous flint implements, flakes and cores found by J H Edwards on a low terrace and flood plain on the N bank of the Avon, near where the Hill Wootton road joins the Warwick Road, probably an occupation or working site.
2 Approx area for these finds centred on SP2967, sited by JMM. They have been classified as both Neolithic and Bronze Age.
3 Flints previously belonging to J H Edwards and collected in the field which now forms the N roundabout of the Warwick bypass. These include eighteen cores, nineteen blades, four scrapers and 84 flakes.
5 Included in gazetteer.
6 Dating extended to include the Mesolithic; now Meso/BA, previously Neo/BA.

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