Medieval settlement earthworks SE of Farnborough

Description of this historic site

The possible site of a deserted medieval settlement or Manor House complex. The remains of the settlement are visible as earthworks on aerial photographs. The site is located 300m south east of Farnborough.

Notes about this historic site

4 Earthwork remains of a possible settlement show on air photographs. These have been plotted on the ridge and furrow plot for Farnborough Parish (PRN 3896).
5 A partial plan of the earthworks was undertaken by Stephen Wass. The field name where the earthworks can be found is taken from the 1772 estate survey and is probably derived from Oak Hill. House platforms and possible streets can be discerned.
6 A trench was excavated on the edge of the largest platform. The trench revealed ironstone foundations and a possible revetment wall. A large ditch feature, possibly a moat was partially excavated. The ditch contained a later drainage trench. Pottery was scarce suggesting it could have been ancilliary.
7 A very different interpretation of the earthworks was made in 1976.

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