Medieval Castle at Castle Yard, Fillongley.

Castle Yard Castle near Fillongley on the 1887 Ordnance Survey map | Open
Castle Yard Castle near Fillongley on the 1887 Ordnance Survey map
Description of this historic site

The remains of a Medieval castle survive as an earthwork with traces of a masonry building. The site is known as Castle Yard and is situated 300m south west of Fillongley.

Notes about this historic site

2 Earthworks on a site known as the ‘Castle Yard’ comprising a low mount (or keep) with a courtyard to the S; the whole being surrounded by a moat. On the S of the ‘court’ are the remains of a rampart, and on the summit of the mount are masonry fragments. The castle was occupied by the Hastings family in the reign of Henry I and afterwards became their chief residence in Warwickshire.
3 Banks and ditches are well marked. More or less in the centre is a patch of higher ground on which is a block of masonry about 2.6 by 1.96m standing about 1.96m out of the ground. This was obviously the corner of a rectangular building. Against this but under the ground remains of a circular staircase have been found. Other traces of fallen masonry are scattered about. To the NE is a triangular area, with a ditch, probably the moat proper. Traces of paving and a well have been found. It is known that licence to crenellate was given in 1300.
4 Remains of a ring castle with outer bailey. The work itself must have been quite strong but its marshy, waterlogged area is definitely weak.
5 Ministry of Works/DoE AM 7
6 SAM County Index.
7 In 1987 when the site was visited, preservation of the monument was fairly good other than some soil slippage and erosion from water channels.
8 Rescheduled as SAM 21573.
9 Market charter granted for Mondays to John de Hastinges on 2nd February 1301 by Edward I. To be held at Manor
Fair charter vigil feast morrow +2 Nativity of John the Baptist (24th June) granted 2nd February by Edward I to John de Hastinges. To be held at manor.
10 The moat was observed to be water logged, and the upstanding masonry clearly visible.
11 Correspondence from 1977 relating to the additional area.
12 Correspondence relating to a planning application.
13 An extension of the area scheduled in 1950, to include earthworks more numerous and complex than those marked by the Ordnance Survey.
14 Plan from 1976.
15 Letter from 1997 about coal extraction in the vicinity.
16 Covering letter from the DoE.

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