Little Virginia, Castle Hill, Kenilworth

Description of this historic site

A group of eight detatched cottages, 15 buildings in total, which are believed to have been built during the Post Medieval period. They were renovated in the late 20th century and archaeological investigation dated several walls to the 17th century. They are situated on Castle Hill.

Notes about this historic site

1 The group of cottages known as Little Virginia lies immediately to the E of Kenilworth Castle: traditionally the buildings are Elizabethan (said to have been put up by the masons carrying out Robert Dudley’s works at the Castle – but there is no evidence to support this) and in 1973 the 8 detached groups of 15 buildings were lying delapidated. Work began to completely renovate them (within the context of keeping up the original character) and at the same time the Kenilworth History and Archaeological Society did some work recording features of most of the original cottages and doing limited excavation. The latter revealed a wall possibly dated (by the pottery) to 13th century (probably part of the precinct wall for Kenilworth Abbey), several 17th century walls (again dated by pottery), and evidence of stone working between these times.
2 Nothing conclusive concerning dating the buildings was discovered, however, and now the houses are renovated in excellent condition.

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