Leamington Spa (Bishops Tachbrook) Airfield

Description of this historic site

Leamington Spa Airfield, a private airfield which was constructed after the First World War. It was located to the east of Harbury Lane.

Notes about this historic site

1 A private airfield, or landing ground, opened and managed by a Major J E Bonniksen after WW1. Known locally as Bonniksen’s Airfield, it continued as a private airfield until WW2. Facilities included: the owner’s bungalow, a petrol pump, an office, and a hanger.
2 Leamington Spa (Bishops Tachbrook). Position N5215 W00131, elevation 236ft, Status CL [Civil Aerodrome Closed 9B].
3 Advertisement with location plan and detailed plan of airfield apparently from AA publications.
4 Newsletter.
5 A two page description of the airfield and its facilities.

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