Kingswood Junction, Lapworth

Description of this historic site

Kingswood Junction, a canal junction between the Stratford on Avon Canal, and the Warwick and Birmingham Canal, dating from the Imperial period. It is located 300m southwest of Kingswood Bridge.

Notes about this historic site

1 Kingswood junction marks the junction between the Stratford upon Avon Canal and the Warwick and Birmingham Canal. The orignal plan was for the connection to be one and three quarter miles long, with a quarter mile tunnel under the main street of Lapworth. This was evidently too difficult or expensive as in the event a short simple branch was made without recourse to tunnelling. However, due to temporary shortage of funds the Stratford Canal terminated here in a basin until 1812. As per its authorising act, the canal was suitably locked to allow the passage of one lockful of water to the WBC when a boat passed in either direction. At the recommencement of cutting, however, the locking was changed so that in some circumstances the WBC could lose water. After much legal wrangling a new branch was built which met the Stratford Canal above, rather than below, lock 21. This was opened in December 1818.

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