King John's Castle, Kineton

Description of this historic site

King John's Castle is a Medieval motte and bailey castle. It survives as an earthwork, although the bailey is no longer clearly marked. Earthworks of ditches and ramparts are also visible. It is situated 600m south west of St Peter's church at Kineton.

Notes about this historic site

1 An earthwork locally known as King John’s Castle. The earthworks consist of a round conical artificial mound, about 38m in diameter at its base, and with a truncated top measuring about 15m across. The mount had what Gibson describes as a broad deep ditch round it, only traces of which can now be made out. To the N and NW are fragments of ramparts and ditches. That the castle was never rebuilt in stone suggests that it was disused early.
2 A motte standing on rising ground above a small stream; it has evidently suffered considerably from weather erosion. It is now only about 1.8m high and is covered with large trees. There was a moderate sized bailey which was under cultivation up to a comparatively few years ago and it is no longer clearly marked. Photocopy in FI file.
3 A motte with a ditch to the NE and possible remains of a bailey wall to the N. A slight swelling in the now disused and overgrown allotments is probably the remains of an inner bailey.
5 Quite a fine motte, undamaged, flat-topped about 15 inches high – also the remains of a partly ploughed out bailey (mainly under allotments).
6 The mound is grass covered, the ditch filled with scrub. The bailey bank, though plough damaged, is still clearly visible around the N quadrant and stands c. 50cms high.
7 The whole area of the motte and bailey apart from the top of the motte is covered with trees and undergrowth. There is a trace of a possibly deliberate running downslope on the N-NE side of the motte.
8 Scheduling revised and the area extended.
9 Newpaper report of the Public Enquiry.
10 Correspondence from 1970 relating to the threat of development at the site.
11 Report of the Public Enquiry of 1972.
12 Correspondence from 1996.
13 Large scale map showing the scheduled area.
14 AP showing castle without trees

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