Iron Age Hillfort at Camp Hill, Beausale.

A possible Iron Age hillfort, Beausale | Warwickshire County Council
A possible Iron Age hillfort, Beausale
Warwickshire County Council
Description of this historic site

An Iron Age earthwork, probably a hillfort. The ramparts can still be traced. The site is located 800m south east of Beausale.

Notes about this historic site

1 A somewhat worn earthwork with an extensive prospect situated on Camp Hill. A farmhouse stands just within its W end. In form it is roughly egg-shaped with its broadest end towards the W; it has a raised interior plateau of about 1.3 ha, which is surrounded by a rampart now much worn; beyond this is a wide ditch, evidently far less deep than it once was, and outside the latter remains of a second rampart are discernible, especially on the N and E. Some parts of the ditch contain water. The defences have been damaged by natural denudation and agriculture. A plan of 1837 show the outer bank encircling about two thirds of the camp and a map made probably a few years later shows the outer bank as intact along the whole of the N and E.
2 On the SE side the remains of a subterranean chamber were discovered some years ago.
3 In 1545 John Coppe had a lease of a messuage and a close called Ruytons Bury, or Round Table. The earthwork is still called Round Table.
4 Scheduled as Ancient Monument Warwickshire No 21.
5 A small Iron Age work mutilated by farming. No entrance can be traced but Camphill Farm possibly occupies the original entrance. 1976: The earthwork occupies a promontary with slopes on the N, S and E sides. The interior is cultivated. The main rampart is now reduced to a scarp slope 2.5m high with traces of a ditch on the SW side. On the N and E there is a berm 12m wide and an outer scarp 2m high, on the E an outer ditch 0.6m deep.
7 “Mr F R M Phelps’ sons have been very actively engaged during their vacation in delving up on the sites of the Roman camps…. Messrs Phelps’ labours at the site of the Roman camp at Beausale have been rewarded by the discovery of two gold pins.”
8 SAM List 1994.
9 Correspondence about a planning application for an extension to a property on the western edge of the monument.
10 Plans that relate to 9.

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