Hartshill Castle, Phase I

Description of this historic site

The remains of a motte and bailey castle, which was the predecessor of the later Medieval Hartshill Castle. The motte is still visible as an earthwork and is situated to the east of Hartshill Hayes Country Park.

Notes about this historic site

1 Stands in a commanding position. Fortified at the time of Henry I (1100-35) as a motte and bailey by Hugh de Harndreshull. Only the earthworks remain of the early castle (PRN 240) together with practically the whole of the E wall and a portion of the S wall of a contemporary stone-built chapel. Associated with later remains (PRN 239).
2 Mentioned in TBAS.
3 Mentions a moated mound and a still higher mound to the N with no comment as to its date nor reference to a Norman motte and bailey. The chapel is associated with the 13th century curtain wall.
4 Ancient Monument Description.
5 Scheduled Ancient Monument Description.
6 OS Card.
7 Included in Warwickshire Monument Evaluation and Presentation Project in 1987.
8 The motte standing at the northern end of the site is mostly artificial. It has a diameter of 50m across its base and is surrounded by a ditch 8m wide. The ditch has been mostly filled in but remains as a shallow depression around the circumference of the motte. A slight outer bank is visible at the western and northern edges of the motte. The southern ditch is now in use as a public footpath and its original depth is uncertain. Modern waste dumping has obscured the outer side of the eastern ditch. The motte is flat topped and there is a slight depression at its centre.
9 Brief survey by RCHME in 1997 recommends more detailed survey of the monument.
10 Shown on Plan.
11 Brief piece on the management issues at the castle appeared in the IFA’s magazine in 2006.

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