Harborough Banks

Iron Age hillfort, Lapworth | Warwickshire County Council
Iron Age hillfort, Lapworth
Warwickshire County Council
Description of this historic site

Harborough Banks, the site of a hillfort dating to the Iron Age. Some areas of the hillfort are still visible as earthworks. It is located 300m north of Broom Hall Bridge.

Notes about this historic site

1 Traces of ramparts surround an area of about 10.8 ha, the E part sloping down to the brook while the W part is elevated. The spout of an ewer was found here during gravel digging.
2 Scant remains of a once important camp. The camp was situated upon the slope of a slight hollow, with higher ground on three of its sides. Very badly damaged. 1730: A record of banks being dug for gravel. Much more destruction after 1862. Remains consist of a rampart and ditch running in a NW direction for about 300m. In plan of 1860 the rampart is shown running 200m further N. In addition a S rampart 300m long is shown, along with E and N alignments forming an irregular oval.
4 The construction of the Stratford on Avon canal did a good deal to obliterate the camp, one of the locks being constructed across its NE corner and a small reservoir being built partly within and outside its lines.
5 1968: Similar to Wappenbury. It is at its strongest on the SW, on the N its course passes through gardens and is barely traceable, while on the E its remains are visible as a slight ridge passing through a plantation and across a field. 1976: A scarp slope with a maximum height of 0.9m in the plantation on the E may represent the remains of the defences.
6 Probably univallate, 26 acres enclosed.
7 Correspondence from 1958.
8 Correspondence from 1997 about various sites in the parish.
9 Precis about the site.
10 Evaluative fieldwork undertaken within the earthworks of Harborough Banks, at Mill Lane/Old Warwick Road, Lapworth failed to record any securely dated features associated with the hillfort. A series of possible pits and postholes, as well as gullies were recorded, of unknown date, with the latter suggested as possible wheel ruts associated with Old Warwick Road.

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