Fishponds at Baddesley Clinton Hall

Description of this historic site

Medieval fishponds used for the breeding and storing of fish. They are well documented and still visible as earthworks, interlinked with leats and channels. They are situated at Baddesley Clinton Hall.

Notes about this historic site

1 In the grounds of Baddesley Clinton house are two small ponds, apparently originally used as breeding tanks, and a very large triangular pool. These are the most fully documented Medieval fishponds in Warwickshire. 15th century bailiff’s accounts contain records of payment to labourers to dig earth to construct ponds. The accounts record the amount of earth moved, and give details of the pipes, flood-gates and other woodwork involved. The ponds are very complicated with a large dam to the W and a network of leets and channels to link the ponds to the moat in an integrated system of water-control.
2 The larger of the two ponds (the triangular pond and a rectangular pond to the N) are overgrown and choked with weeds, but the two smaller ponds to the NW of the moat appear to be in good shape.
3 Dredging work was conducted on the ponds in 1983.
4 Report on nine wooden pipes retrieved from within a fishpond and examined. Probably early 18th century.

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