Findspot - Roman finds Bidford on Avon.

Description of this historic site

Findspot - various finds of Roman date, including coins and a brooch, were found in the area north of Grange Road, Bidford on Avon.

Notes about this historic site

1 A plate brooch of the mid 1st century was reported by metal detectorists in1988 at SP104518.
2 Five coins of the 4th century were found in 1990 at SP104518.
3 A coin of the House of Constantine, 4th century, was found in 1991 at SP104518.
4 Three coins were found in 1991 at SP104518. One of Constantine I, one of Constans, and one unidentified.
5 Two body sherds and a possible Roman brooch were found in 1987 near Grange Lane.

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