Findspot - Neolithic or Bronze Age stone axe

Description of this historic site

Findspot - a stone axe dating to the Neolithic or Bronze Age period was found in the area of Lower Hillmorton.

Notes about this historic site

1 Medium-sized, slightly double-expanded axe-hammer with countersunk perforation. Located during ‘excavations’ at Lower Hillmorton, Rugby in 1939.
2 Found in Bronze Age barrow at Lower Hillmorton in 1939. Early Bronze Age perforated axe hammer. Bought from the workmen who had found it and later given to Warwick Museum.
3 Axe-hammer (Group XIV). Found while drain-digging in 1939 (10/ah).
4 OS gives SP5374 as location of find.
5 There is some confusion over this find. The OS gives no source for its grid reference, which is the same as that for another axe (PRN 4951). It is possible that the OS has confused the two axes. Reference 2 may suggest that this axe came from the barrow/windmill mound at Lower Hillmorton (PRN 3353) although this too is uncertain.

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