Findspot - Migration or Early Medieval pottery

Description of this historic site

Findspot - fragments of Anglo Saxon pottery and red deer horns, dating to the Migration or Early Medieval period, were found 300m south west of Halford Bridge.

Notes about this historic site

1 1858: In a stone pit in Armscot Field were found fragments of pottery in close proximity to antlers of red deer. The pottery was coarse and imperfectly fired, and had neither been ornamented nor lathe-turned. It was pronounced post-Roman with the characteristics of Anglo-Saxon manufacture.
2 Armscote Field i.e. the enclosed fields of Armscote village extend SW from Halford Bridge.
3 Fragments of pottery and antlers of red deer found in 1858 in gravel in opening a stone pit at Armscote Field near Halford Bridge … The pottery which lay very near the horns, was of course, imperfectly burned ware, without ornament, probably not worked on a lathe, and post-Roman, but with more of the characteristics of Anglo-Saxon manufacture.

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