Findspot - Early Medieval stone cross shaft fragment

Description of this historic site

Findspot - a fragment of a carved stone cross shaft of Early Medieval date, probably pre-Viking. It may have come from Rugby church. The fragment is now in Warwick Museum.

Notes about this historic site

1 F Cottrill reported that in 1935 a fragment of pre-Norman cross-shaft was preserved in Rugby Museum. It formerly stood in the garden in Horton Crescent, Rugby, and according to Dr G A Auden it was probably removed from Rugby Church at the rebuilding of 1877. It may have served as building material in the old church. In 1919 it was given by Dr A I Simey to Rugby Museum. Mr Kenneth Oakley reports the stone to be a fine-grained felspathic grit, which may be matched with Upper Keuper sandstone which occurs within a few miles of Rugby. The fragment, 18 inches high, shows parts of three decorated faces, the fourth having broken away. The style of the cross is similar to the pre-Viking crosses of Northumbria and N Mercia.
4 In Autumn 1986 the lost cross fragment was found in Rugby Museum and transferred to Warwick Museum.

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