Evaluation of Rectory site, Butter St, Alcester

Description of this historic site

A section of the defences around the Roman town of Alcester was found during an excavation in Butter Street.

Notes about this historic site

1 In September 1991 an evaluation was carried out by the Warwickshire Museum on the site of a proposed new rectory, in Butter Street, Alcester. The trial trench revealed deposits of Roman date including a feature which may be the rampart of the 2nd century Roman defences.
2 In August 1994 an archaeological observation was carried out by the Warwickshire Museum in connection with the construction of a new rectory and garage. The excavation of 3 trenches, to take drains and wall foundations, and 1 square pit was subsequently observed and the resulting spoil again examined for archaeological remains. The stone foundations of two walls of Roman date, probably from separate structures, were recorded. These were overlain by Post Medieval garden soils.
3 In 1996 a further watching brief was carried out on the excavation of foundation trenches for an extension. These were cut into loosely packed building make up, probably from the construction trenches of the existing building, and no archaeological features were observed or finds recovered.`

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