Edge Hill Tower also known as The Castle Inn, Radway

Description of this historic site

Ornamental Sham Castle built in 17th century. It is said to be built at the centre point of the place where the the king's army stood before the Battle of Edge Hill in 1642. Edge Hill Tower is located to the south of Castle Wood, Edge Hill.

Notes about this historic site

1 An octagonal tower, erected in 1750 on the position occupied by the centre of the army of Charles I before the Battle of Edge Hill. The tower commands very extensive views.

2 The Castle seems to be of c1746-7. It is irregular in composition and consists of a gateway with one low tower on its left, a bridge, and the tower proper with machicolations and strangely high battlements. Inside an octagonal Gothic room.

3 Ornamental sham castle, now public house.

4 Built between 1746-1747 with mid to late 19th century additions. Designed by Sanderson Miller, eith five storeys to the front and six to the rear due to the slope of the site.

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