Double pit alignment, Barford.

Description of this historic site

A double pit alignment is visible as a cropmark on aerial photographs. The pit alignment cuts off a peninsular in a bend of the River Avon near Barford Sheds. The site was excavated in 1972 and showed that the alignment is 123m in length and is Prehistoric in date.

Notes about this historic site

1 Aerial photographs.
2 Double pit alignment cutting off a peninsular in a bend of the River Avon. A number of enclosures, one of which is double ditched, can be seen on the same photographs.
3 Noted.
4 Excavation in 1972 revealed a double pit alignment 123m in length. The average size of each pit is 2.45m by 2.90m. They are rectangular in shape with rounded corners and the average distance between each pit is 0.75m. The width between the rows is 4.8m.
5 Ancient Monuments reference.
6 Some of the site records have been given to Warwick Museum.
7 Dating narrowed down to late Bronze Age to late Iron Age.
8 Unpublished report on the excavations in 1972, prepared by Dr. Hingley from Stephen Ball’s site records and interim report. Contains detail on the size of the pits, and considers the pits in their wider context and use as territorial markers.

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