Cross in Wappenbury Churchyard

Description of this historic site

A Medieval cross, of which the base and part of the shaft survive. It is situated in the churchyard south of the porch of St John the Baptist, Wappenbury.

Notes about this historic site

1 Situated S of the porch. Square socket-stone which appears to have had carving on all four corners. No steps visible. Shaft is short and square with a flute down each of the four faces. Much weathered.
2 Square base on the octagonal steps of a 14th century cross. The angles of the base are carved with male heads and shoulders in deep relief, three corners being mutilated.
3 1951: Dimensions: Base 0.85m square and 0.4m high. Shaft 0.6m high and 0.25m square. The shaft is without head and arms and has a fracture.
4 Covered with ivy so that nothing could be seen at all.
5 Listed Building description.

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