Coughton Cross

Description of this historic site

Coughton Cross, the remains of a Medieval wayside cross. Only the stepped base , square socket stone and part of the shaft survive. It is situated at the corner of Warwick Lane and Icknield Street.

Notes about this historic site

1 At the corner of Warwick Lane and Icknield Street is the stump and base of a Medieval cross, raised on a platform of 3 steps. Here, according to local tradition, travellers entering or having successfully emerged from the wilds of Feckenham Forest were wont to offer prayer or thanksgiving.
2 Square socket stone with chamfered corners. Shaft round and very short, may have been octagonal where connecting with socket stone. Surrounded by an iron railing on stone kerb.
4 The cross is now somewhat overgrown, and the iron railing is in a neglected condition.
5 Photograph.
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