Church of St Michael, Baddesley Clinton

St. Michael's Church, Baddesley Clinton | Warwickshire County Council
St. Michael's Church, Baddesley Clinton
Warwickshire County Council
Description of this historic site

The Church of St Michael which was originally built during the Medieval period. Alterations were made to the building during the Post Medieval period. The church is located to the west of Hay Wood.

Notes about this historic site

1 Chancel, nave, and W tower. 13th century nave. W tower built about 1500 by Nicholas Brome; clearstorey added at the same time, and it was probably then that the chancel arch was inserted. The chancel is said by Dugdale to have been lengthened in 1535, but it was entirely rebuilt in 1634 by Edward Ferrers. The 16th century E window was retained. 15th century or 16th century font. Altar-tomb in chancel to Sir Edward Ferrers (d1535) and family. Oak screen dated 1634 in the chancel arch. Mentioned as a chapel in 1221; it had become an independent parish church before 1298. Formerly dedicated to St James.
2 Plan of the church.
6 Burials of lords of Baddesley in floor, in centre of chancel. External drains around exterior. Ditch on most of churchyard boundary. Probably good survival of deposits in nave but extensive disturbance by burials in chancel.
7 Church leaflet.

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