Church of St Mary, Ilmington

The Church of St. Mary, Ilmington | Warwickshire County Council
The Church of St. Mary, Ilmington
Warwickshire County Council
Description of this historic site

The Church of St Mary, which was originally built during the Medieval period. It is located 100m south of the Fish Ponds, Ilmington.

Notes about this historic site

1 Chancel with small N vestry, nave, N and S transepts, S porch and W tower. Dates from the mid 12th century, when it had a chancel and nave of the present size. W tower added later in the 12th century. Chancel rebuilt early 13th century. N transept appears to have originated in the 13th century as a chapel, but was apparently enlarged in the 15th century. The S transept was probably added then, but has been almost rebuilt in modern times (1846?). Mid 14th century clearstorey to nave. Top stage of tower added in the late 15th century, S porch in the early 16th century. Church rather drastically restored in 1846. Further repairs in 1911 and 1939. Font probably early 16th century. A badly worn stone effigy of a priest, probably early 15th century. Monuments of the 16th century onwards. There was a priest, implying a church, at Ilmington in 1086.
2 Plan of the church.
3 Photograph of the chancel arch.
4 Basically a Norman church. The N and S doorways show this, also the Norman windows to the E of the two doorways, and the chancel arch, which though much recut is Norman too. The nave is remarkably wide.
6 Noted by Ordnance Survey.

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