Church of St John the Baptist, Avon Dassett

Description of this historic site

The Church of St John the Baptist was Medieval in origin, with renovation in the Imperial period. It is situated 200m north north east of the Avon Dasset Post Office.

Notes about this historic site

1 Chancel with N organ chamber and vestry, nave, N aisle, S porch and a W tower with spire. The old church having become dilapidated was pulled down and rebuilt in 1868. Only a small portion of the old church was reused. Some small fragments of 12th century masonry appear to have been found, but otherwise the remainder of the fabric is early 14th century; to which period belongs an arch reset in the E end of the N aisle, a window and a recess. A priest is mentioned in 1086. A drawing in the Aylesford collection shows the church in about 1820.
2 Drawing of c.1820.
5 A watching brief carried out by OAU during drainage works revealed no archaeology of any kind.
6 A watching brief carried out in 1997 in connection with floor works revealed only the tops of 19th century make up layers and a contemporary duct.
7 1987 Proof of Evidence report. Entries 711 all relate to the state of the fabric and the cases for demolition/conservation.
8 Draft Redundancy report providing for demolition.
9 Full survey done in 1982.
10 Archival correspondence.
11 Letter from the DoE in 1988 following the inquiry of 1987.

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