Central Ammunition Depot, Kineton

Description of this historic site

Ammunition depot.

Notes about this historic site

1 The original depot was planned in 1941 to hold 100,000 tons of ammunition. By the end of the war the depot was holding 137,000 tons in 252 explosive store houses, connected by 90 miles of railway track.
2 A site visit report and sketch plan of an explosive store house at CAD Kineton undertaken in 1999. Only 6 out of the 252 explosive houses remain, many minor buildings and much of the original track layout still exist. A full description of an explosive store house is detailed in this report.
3 Plan of CAD Kineton drawn in 1965.
4 Letter requesting, inter alia, recording of the 6 surviving explosive storage house undertaken in 2
5 Ed Wilson bellieves that the clutch (nuclear bomb site) recorded at RAF Gaydon (MWA8026, 7) may be at this location [ref?].
6 Ref 5 above is incorrect. Bomb store was at Gaydon.
7 Geophysical survey was carried out at the site, as part of planning the ongoing strategy for the site. This recorded a number of areas of magnetic disturbance that, in many cases, could be identified on aerial photography. These features are associated with the 20th century utilisation of the area.
8AP from 1953.

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