C12/13 building revealed by evaluation South of Loxley House

Description of this historic site

An archaeological investigation uncovered the stone foundations of a Medieval building within the limits of the shrunken village at Loxley.

Notes about this historic site

1 An archaeological evaluation of land to the south of Loxley House, High Street, Loxley, within the probable extent of the Medieval village (WA 8387), recovered evidence for a Medieval settlement of 12th or 13th century date, including the stone foundations of a building. Evidence for a Medieval pond was also uncovered.
2 Subsequent excavation of an area 20m x 6-11m on the street frontage revealed parts of two plots separated by a boundary gully each containing a frontage building parallel to the street. The buildings which dated to the 13th-14th centuries were probably timber-framed on stone foundations and surrounded by patchy rubble surfaces cut by drains.

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