Burnt Mound 100m S of Middleton Hall

Description of this historic site

The site of a burnt mound, a mound of fire-cracked stones usually accompanied by a trough or pit. The mound was Prehistoric in date and was situated 75m to the south east of Middleton Hall.

Notes about this historic site

1 A large and well exposed hearth.
2 The site has been totally destroyed by recent gravel working.
3 First described in October 1913. It then appeared as a low mound composed of heat-cracked pebbles (pot boilers) and charcoal dust, and some 18.2m in diameter, with a hollow on one side. Already at this time part of the mound had been removed for road-mending. In 1930 it was described as being c15.2m in diameter and c0.9m high, the reduction in diameter presumably resulting from the 1913 activities. The mound was certainly extant in February 1927, but was completely destroyed later, when the stones were used for road repairs. The date of the mound is uncertain, although a comparable mound in Bournville Park, Birmingham has produced a late Bronze Age date from radiocarbon analysis of charcoal.
4 Dating given as Middle Bronze Age.
5 Burnt mound survey.

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