Bronze Age Cemetery by Stretton Lane

Description of this historic site

The site of a Bronze Age cremation cemetery that was found during an excavation. A pottery urn, a pottery cup and a quern stone were amongst the finds. The cemetery was situated in the area of Stretton Road.

Notes about this historic site

1 Attention was drawn to discoveries in a recently opened sand pit. The owner discovered that several cremation burials were being disturbed. In one place he found a ring of stones 1m in diameter (?a cooking hearth) and close by the two stones of a saddle quern. A few yards to the W a pottery urn containing a cremation and about the same distance on the other side a rough pottery cup. Most of the burials seem to have been made in circular holes dug in the ground about 0.4m deep. In most of these nothing was found but the scanty remains of ashes. In one a flint flake was discovered in the ashes.
2 Rough location of finds marked on annotated map.
3 Rough location of finds marked on annotated map.
4 Cremation cemetery with bucket urns and decorated accessory vessels.

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