Brinklow Arches to N of Brinklow

Description of this historic site

Brinklow Arches, a canal aqueduct which was built during the Imperial period. It is still in use and is situated 300m west of Hare Spinney.

Notes about this historic site

1 Built at a cost of £12000, this magnificent structure consisted of 12 arches, each of 22′ span, built of square stone and bricks and was connected to a 600′ embankment at one end and a 400′ embankment at the other. As built, the 12 arches were used as follows – one was over a stream and 2 kept as passages. The keeper occupied one, the next was used as a stable, the next as a store room for hay and straw, the next as a forge, the remainder being intended for dwellings, though whether they were lived in is doubtful. The aquaduct was widened in the 1830’s by the building of an embankment along one side.
2 The arch crossing the stream is visible, as is the one to the south of this. The rest appears to have been hidden by further embanking to the west.

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