Bretford Lighting Decoy Site

Description of this historic site

A lighting civil decoy site from the Second World War designed to confuse the Luftwaffer into dropping their bombs in the wrong place. Documentary evidence locates the site 1km northwest of Bretford.

Notes about this historic site

1 Bretford lighting bombing decoy site in the QL programme for the Coventry area. It was set up to simulate the lights of a marshalling yard (parallel railway sidings) as a way of protecting Coventry goods yard (at the station?).
Lighting decoys were a cheap and successful way of confusing the enemy and were deployed from July 1941. Every site differed, so that they were a sort of theatrical lighting show specifically devised to mimic some local vulnerable point. An associated shelter would have been built to house the generator/s and other equipment.
2 No evidence of any earthworks or structures can be seen on an aerial photo from 1949 at the documented grid reference.

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