Alvecote Priory Precinct

Description of this historic site

The Precinct of Alvecote Priory, a Benedictine priory of Medieval date. It is located 200m northeast of Alvecote Grange.

Notes about this historic site

1 History and legend of the foundation of the Priory in 1159. The Priory was refounded in the 14th century as a Benedictine cell of Great Malvern Priory. List of priors included and some details of its holdings.
2 The Medieval work that survives in the remains of the 18th century house includes a low wall with two small window openings, an ample buttress and the jaunts and springs of an arch. These are not part of the Monastic church, but possibly of the undercroft of a domestic building.
5 Surviving remains comprise the N and E wall of a building said to be the chapel and also a reused arch.
7 The building was partly excavated in 1956 and some Medieval masonry uncovered.

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