Gaveston Cross

I thought you might like to see some pics I took of the Gaveston Cross, that stands where Piers Gaveston was executed. It’s a bit hard to find nowadays for sure! I saw some pics on Windows on Warwickshire and it’s all open but now as you can see it’s hidden in a wood. It’s not easy to get to neither. You’ve gotta get over a gate and cross the field and then go through the wood, there aren’t no footpaths. The really odd thing is you’re right next to the A46, you can hear the traffic like nobody’s business even when you’re in a wood off the beaten track. It’s the A46 what cut the cross off they say and I can well believe it, how’d you know it was there unless you were looking for it?

So it’s not a tourist site for sure and that’s a shame really. It’s an old monument but it’s got a load of graffiti over it, some’s from a way back mind you. Wonder when graffiti gets to be history itself? Someone told me once the owner of Guy’s Cliffe built it so he could look out over it with his telescope but now it’s hidden away, a monument of 200 years old.

Surely it deserves more people knowing of it and a bit of care and attention? What’s the deal with its future?

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