Enoch Powell in Warwick Cemetery

Enoch Powell's grave.
Photo by Derek Donaldson

Did you know that the well-known politician Enoch Powell is buried in Warwick Cemetery? It’s located in Warwick Cemetery on the left hand side as you enter from the Birmingham Road. Powell’s grave stands alone at the front of two rows of ten gravestones. These are graves of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment of which Enoch Powell was a Brigadier during the Second World War.

From 1960 to 1963 Powell was Member of Parliament for Wolverhampton and Minister of Health in the government of Prime Minister Edward Heath. He was dismissed from his position as Shadow Defence Secretary in 1968 after he made a controversial speech about immigration. He later left the Conservative Party and joined the Ulster Unionist Party as Member of Parliament for South Down.

An eventful life

Powell led an eventful life. Before serving in the Royal Warwickshire Regiment, Powell had been an academic being appointed professor of Ancient Greek at the University of Sydney at the age of 25. He is said to have learnt Ancient Greek at a very early age and later learned many languages including Welsh, Russian and Urdu. He is also said to have claimed to be an Australian to circumvent the waiting list to join the Royal Warwickshire Regiment. He was a prolific writer and published many books on politics, classical subjects, poetry and translations of medieval Welsh texts.

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